This Week in Government Affairs, August 6, 2018

 In brief: Local: City council will be meeting this Thursday and will vote to put the Parks initiative on the November General Election Ballot. State: The legislature returns for the final month of its legislative session today. Federal: We are continuing to monitor issues surrounding trade, tariffs, and immigration. Events: “Meet me in Vegas” […]

This Week in Government Affairs, July 30, 2018

 In Brief: Local: City council meets on August 9th, they will ratify the Fresno for Parks item on the November Ballot. State: The legislature is in recess and will come back for their final three weeks of the legislative year on August 6th. Federal: Congress may pass a budget, with the senate making major […]

This Week in Government Affairs, July 23, 2018

 In brief: Local: Fresno for Parks has submitted 35,000 signatures to the city clerk, which have been forwarded to the county clerk for verification. The initiative may be appearing on the November 2018 ballot. State: The legislature is on summer break and will be returning in two weeks to finish out the legislative year. […]

This Week in Government Affairs, July 9, 2018

 In Brief: Local: Fresno City Council District 3 Re-Count is underway. State: Legislature is on recess through August 6th, and will be done for the 2017-18 legislative session on August 31st. Federal: We are keeping a close eye on trade talks that have a potential to affect the business community. We are also tracking […]

This Week in Government Affairs, June 25, 2018

 In brief: Local: This Thursday the Fresno City Council will be voting to adopt Mayor Lee Brand’s $1.115 Billion annual budget. The council will also be discussing a possible November ballot initiative. A ½ cent sales tax with half of the proceeds going to public safety and the other half to parks. State: “Gut […]

This Week in Government Affairs, June 18, 2018

 In Brief: Local: Budget hearings have concluded and now the city council is weighing in on specific parts of Mayor Lee Brand’s $1.115 Billion Fiscal Year 2018-19 Budget proposal. Councilman Bredefeld is presenting an item relating to “At-Risk” development in the City of Fresno. Council Presdient Soria will be presenting an item that codifies […]

This week in Government Affairs, June 11, 2018

   In Brief: Local: Budget hearings are happening at the City of Fresno as the City Council is briefed on the contents of Mayor Lee Brand’s $1.115 Billion 2018-2019 Fiscal Year budget. At our GAC meeting this Wednesday at noon we will be hearing a presentation on the budget from Assistant City Manager and […]

Special Edition This Week in Government Affairs – Issue Tracking

   In Brief: This special edition of This Week in Government Affairs will give you an overview on the issues that we are tracking going into this Summer. From local to state issues — these are our priorities.

June 4, 2018

This Week in Brief Local Issues: Mayor Lee Brand has unveiled his $1.115 million fiscal year 2018-19 City of Fresno Budget. Our organization will be reviewing it and possibly weighing in on it in the coming weeks. State Issues: Last Monday was the California State Legislature’s House of Origin deadline, where bills had to make […]

May 21, 2018

This Week in Brief Local Issues: Mayor Brand will present his initial plan for the 2018-19 FY City of Fresno Budget The council will hear a presentation on marijuana regulations and taxes State Issues: The Governor Jerry Brown presented his May revision to the annual state budget and warned against using the $7.5 billion currently […]