Issues / Take Action

The Fresno Chamber takes support or oppose positions on proposed laws year-round that are being considered at all levels of government. You may view the ISSUE TRACKER for a list of current priority issues – updated on 4/18/17.

You may also click on a proposed law below for a summary and to submit the prepared letter of support or opposition.

How The Fresno Chamber Can Consider Your Issue

If you would like to include a specific business related issue on the GAC agenda you may:

1) Submit your proposed issue including but not limited to: background of the issue, pros and cons, fact sheets, list of those supporting and opposing in writing to the GAC Chair or the Government Affairs Manager by Clicking Here by the fifth day of each month.

2) Your proposed issue must include a request of a recommended Fresno Chamber position (such as SUPPORT or OPPOSE) and an explanation for it.

3) You or a representative of your issue must attend the GAC meeting in order to answer any questions about to your agenda item.

The GAC meeting agenda is sent via email five business days prior to the meeting date. Once the agenda is distributed to the committee members, there will be no additions to the agenda for any reason, unless approved by the GAC chair.

Click here to view the 2017 Fresno Chamber Government Affairs Council Public Policy Platform: