Junior Board

Fresno Chamber of Commerce

Junior Board

Since 1885, the Fresno Chamber of Commerce has worked to better our community to ensure the quality of life that will provide for a vibrant and dynamic city. The mission of the Chamber is to create a healthy business climate which allows for the whole community to thrive. Like most stewards of the community, we are working to leave a better place for the next generation; but we believe the best way to ensure success is to get the next generation involved NOW.

The Fresno Chamber of Commerce Junior Board is designed to be that outlet. This group will be composed of high school students who share an interest in promoting the community and business prosperity through advocacy and network development.

The 7 month program, that runs from October to May, will provide high school students (freshmen through seniors) a high quality, organized and focused volunteer experience.

Mission of the Jr. Board

The mission of the Jr. Board is to learn how to become leaders in sustaining the business environment and affect change in their schools, neighborhoods and community.

What do Jr. Board Members do?

    • Learn how to conduct meetings, outreach, public speaking, group decision-making.
    • Develop project ideas
    • Project management and implementation

Benefits of being a Jr. Board Member:

    • Gain a high quality, organized, and focused volunteer experience
    • Learn to collaborate with city governments and other agencies
    • Learn how to lead and follow for community betterment

What is the time commitment?

  • Nine months starting in September and ending in May. Included are attending the following (all meetings are to be held at the Fresno Chamber of Commerce office located at 2331 Fresno Street, Fresno, CA  93721):
    • Monthly board meetings held the 4th Monday at 4:30 pm – 6:00pm.
    • Committee Meetings
    • Leadership Retreat
    • Special Events

Who can apply?

    • Young people between the ages of 14-19 who live in Fresno County and:
    • Are interested in helping their communities
    • Want to learn about leadership development, action planning and group decision-making
    • Like working in groups, expressing opinions, and having fun

Potential projects of the Jr. Board:

    • Publish an article in The Fresno Bee
    • Advocate before the Fresno City Council / Board of Supervisors
    • Participate in a municipal project for community development
    • Sponsor a board-determined project


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