Kids cafe- Ribbon Cutting

Trina Frazier and Superintendent Yovino had an idea that came to life! Preparing young upcoming adults with special needs to have an occupation in the restaurant industry, between 18-22 will learn skills from social-public skills, restaurant prep, deposits, and get Safe Serve Certified. Out of 140 young adults with Fresno County they will work from 1-5 days learning all aspects for working in a restaurant.

From the date of the idea to going to Merced who has this type of program to putting it all together took 6 months, they hired the perfect Restaurant Manager Paul Romero who set up all the menus and got all the sponsorship from the vendors involved or to donate. So if you are downtown and want the best place to go and eat at lunch please so into Kids Café at 2019 Mariposa Mall and don’t forget to check out the beautiful pictures created and framed by the young adults as well and the beautiful wood furniture that was created just for the restaurant.

Blog provided by: Leslie Beninga with Wyndham Garden Fresno Airport