Annually the Leadership Fresno Alumni Association awards scholarships to assist class members in paying the tuition costs of the program.  Scholarships will be awarded during the first week in August.                          
                      Highlights of the Scholarship program:

  • Scholarships are awarded based upon demonstrated need.
  • Scholarships are awarded in an amount equal to no less than one-fourth and no more than one-half of the tuition amount.
  • Scholarship applications and awards are kept strictly confidential.
  • The number of scholarships awarded are limited. Not all applicants demonstrating need will be awarded a scholarship.
  • Applications for a scholarship are submitted directly to the Alumni Association.



Please mail or email a cover letter describing the following:

  • Your current role and employer
  • Your interest in the Leadership Fresno Program
  • How you are currently serving the Fresno community
  • Your need for a scholarship

If you have any additional questions regarding the scholarship program or to apply,  please email your cover letter to

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