Changes may be coming to your healthcare in the 2019-20 session of the legislature

From Nathan Alonzo- Fresno Chamber Vice-President of Government Affairs

“As the 2018 election cycle wraps up, and the election results trickle in, we begin to look forward towards the upcoming 2019-20 legislative cycle. Coming in will be a Supermajority of Democrats in both the State Assembly and Senate, along with Democrats in every statewide elected office. Republicans will return 11 State Senators and anywhere between 21 to 20 members in the Assembly. With these statistics, what does that mean for what we can expect for policy come January, especially on an important issue such as healthcare?

Single-Payer (State-Run) healthcare is a policy issue that has been at the forefront for a number of years, it’s a safe bet that we will likely see legislation on this come January, either in a single bill, or in a multi-bill tiered process. Last session’s SB-562 (Lara) stalled in the Assembly Appropriations after reports arose of the enormous cost ($400 Billion annually/$1-2 Trillion in a decade) that Californians would have to bear in order to implement single-payer. However, with a new Governor and a legislature that sees healthcare as a policy priority—this issue may arise and stand a better chance of passage than in previous years.

The business community and many around the state have significant concerns about what this will do to healthcare markets, and the potential for millions of Californians to lose choice of physicians, specialists or other healthcare professionals. Businesses are further concerned with how this program will potentially affect taxes and other assessments.

As session begins in January we will be anxiously awaiting to see the legislative priorities of Governor Newsom and the new legislature.”