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Why Support Leadership Fresno?

A community is only as strong as the neighborhoods and residents who love it, live it and lead it.  A thriving community relies on the contributions of its civic leaders; community members who sit on our non-profit boards, volunteer for committees, participate on task forces and commissions and serve as elected officials.  The future of Fresno depends on the skills and commitment of its present and future civic leaders.  Leadership Fresno is dedicated to developing the skills, acumen and inspiration in our present and future leaders, helping to create a sustainable pool of qualified and dedicated civic leaders that will shape and protect the future of our Fresno communities.

Benefits of joining Leadership Fresno

Employers: Why should you send one of your staff through the Leadership Fresno program?
Simple, you’re investing in your company while investing in your community.
Participants in the Leadership Fresno program walk away with skills that they will use every day in their professional lives.  Leadership Fresno classes and projects are designed to help participants develop and hone their leadership-skills; increase their critical thinking and decision making proficiencies, and enhance organizational and communication skills.
Additionally, Leadership Fresno alumni comprise a great network of professional, commercial and non-profit agencies and industries, connecting your staff with current and future civic, professional and business leaders from across the Fresno area.
Employees: Why should you want to participate in the Leadership Fresno program?
Your commitment of one day a month plus your class project will provide you with the opportunities to polish and expand your leadership skills, grow professional connections and develop friendships like you’ve never had before!
During the nine months of classes, you’ll meet and get to know our civic leaders, top business professionals and the real-life heroes in our community, the people who work every day to make a positive impact and improve the quality of life for all Fresnans.
As a Leadership Fresno participant, you’ll get and in-depth look at the issues and challenges our neighbors and neighborhoods face.  Leadership Fresno participants develop a passion for our city and the tools, skills and commitment to help shape its future.
Leadership Fresno participants represent a wide range of ages, cultures, business and non-profit experience.  Eligible candidates will have demonstrated their commitment and motivation to serve our community through past civic contributions, either voluntarily or through a professional association, and should be interested in continuing and expanding their civic participation.

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